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Received a Silver rating in
EcoVadis' Sustainability Survey

SILVER 2024 ecovadis sustainability Rating

EcoVadis is an organization that conducts assessments of corporate policies, measures, and performance from a third-party perspective.
As of 2024, more than 100,000 companies in about 200 industries in about 175 countries have been assessed, and are working to promote sustainability by using a fair scorecard on a common platform.

Companies are rated on a scale of "Platinum," "Gold," "Silver," "Bronze," or "No rating" based on their scores in the four themes of "Environment," "Labor and Human Rights," "Ethics," and "Sustainable Procurement.
※Evaluation criteria: Platinum (within the top 1%), Gold (within the top 5%), Silver (within the top 15%), and Bronze (within the top 35%).

We will continue to promote measures that contribute to sustainability.


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