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Create unprecedented solutions

The challenge of changing "can't" to "can" is always difficult and fun.
The future can be found in "difficult".
Through API manufacturing, we provide people with hopes.
We explore a new road of tomorrow's drugs.
We keep pursuing new answers.


We offer a speedy service to meet the demands of our customers by consolidating our best R&D technology and competence with the responsibility and professional skills as a specialist in development support.


We aim to be indispensable in the pharma industry as well as in the society.
Through regular supply of API/Intermediates, we contribute to the creation of a new value and realization of healthy life in the society.
  • We provide
    high quality products speedily.

    Our motto is "Any time, right away."
    Embrace right requests from customers through flexible adjustment.
    Speedy delivery of high quality products by speedy actions in decision-making and timeline setting based on the discussions.
  • We support multi-item,
    small-lot production.

    Small quantity of multi-item products/intermediates is welcome for the early development to commercial stages.
    With scientific/technical advisors from academic to industrial areas, we have a competence to make and deliver a difficult and/or unique products.
    Experienced and skilful with a variety of reactions including fluorine compounds, LAH-reaction, diazotization, etc.
  • We value fairness,
    integrity and conscientiousness

    With more than 50 customers including ones in abroad, we clear regulatory quality inspections on cGMP by MHLW, U.S. FDA, etc. Our quality system is on a continuous improvement to meet most updated regulatory requirements.
    As a professional Contract Manufacturing Organisation, close 'Reporting, Updating and Discussion' are at most importance in the relationship with our customers.
    Getting our efforts along with the customer's strategy, we do our best for the success of the projects.


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