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エコアクション21 認証番号0013542
環境への取り組み エコアクション21

In order to build a sustainable society, it is necessary for all entities to actively engage in environmental initiatives, and businesses are required to incorporate environmental considerations such as energy conservation, resource conservation, and waste reduction into all business activities, including products and services.
In order to build a sustainable society and for the purpose of proactive environmental initiatives, we have been registered with "Eco Action 21" since March 2022.
Eco Action 21 is a certification and registration system based on the guidelines established by the Ministry of the Environment as a method to "establish, operate, and maintain an effective and efficient system for environmental initiatives, and furthermore, to compile, evaluate, and report the results of our actions with environmental goals.
All of our employees are united in our ongoing efforts in accordance with our environmental action plan.

環境への取り組み エコアクション21

Certification Overview

Certification/Registration No.0013542
Registered Businesses
Fukuzyu Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. 48, Hagiwara, Toyama, 939-8261, Japan
Business activities Manufacture and sale of ethical drug substances and intermediates / Manufacture of investigational drug substance and intermediates / Research product synthesis contract / Synthetic process development contract / Contracted development of analytical test method / Manufacture of pharmaceutical raw materials Crush of pharmaceutical products / Peptide synthesis contract / flow chemistry contract
Eligible business establishments Head Office & Plant
Date of certification/
March 31, 2022
Effective date March 30, 2026


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